The Commentary Apothecary, Inc. was founded by our corporation’s President, Dr. Aviva Ebner, Ph.D.  After many years as a science and health educator, she realized that she was not following her own advice and research.  She began reading ingredient labels more carefully and was shocked at the number of chemicals to which we all expose ourselves unnecessarily through beauty products and home goods. She vowed to not only change her own lifestyle, but to educate others on the benefits of natural products.  In the process, she discovered that many so-called natural products still contained harmful ingredients and chemical preservatives.  Most also contained products that her vegan friends would not use.  She then created her own lifestyle company in order to produce high-quality natural products.  Since laughter is known to have health benefits, she tries to infuse a dash of wit into the names of her products.  She also strives to create products that promote relaxation in hopes of reducing stress.

Dr. Ebner holds degrees in Biology, Educational Administration, and Educational Leadership.  She has nearly three decades of experience as a science and health educator and has authored a dozen science books for children.  She exercises regularly and takes into account all areas of wellness.  She has been married for over 20 years and has two daughters.  She considers herself a lifelong learner, so continues to research new products and ways to help people live healthier lives.  

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