Why the name “The Commentary Apothecary”?

The name came about from several different concepts.  We wanted to carry apothecary-style products, but reflect that the consumer is savvy enough to discriminate between our natural and nourishing products versus so many others on the market that contain preservatives or unnecessary ingredients.  We also try to be as descriptive as possible in our labeling because our customers take the time to check for wellness-promoting ingredients.  Feedback from our customers is also taken into account when creating or enhancing our products.  Additionally, laughter is still the best medicine for good health, so we wanted to add our two cents, but with a dash of wit.  Finally, the ultimate answer to why we named the company The Commentary Apothecary, Inc. is, of course, why not?

Are all of your products acceptable for vegans?

Yes, to the best of our knowledge, all of our products can be used by vegans.  We never use ingredients made of animal products.

Are your products handmade?

Yes, our products are handmade and/or hand-poured, except for the recycled Kraft envelopes found in our stationery sets.

Do your products contain any preservatives?

No, our products do not contain any preservatives.  They are paraben-free and are made from natural ingredients.

Do your products contain any artificial dyes or coloring?

No, we never add artificial ingredients, including artificial dyes or colors.

How do I know which mask is right for me?

We think you are beautiful just the way you are and wouldn’t want to cover your beautiful face with anything except a nourishing mask!  Our “drop the façade” mask for oily skin is made with a calcium bentonite clay base.  This type of clay is highly absorbent and can soak up oils from blemish-prone skin.  This leaves skin feeling fresh and shine-free.  We also add tea tree essential oil, which has long been touted for reducing acne.  However, some people are sensitive to this calcium bentonite clay or they have dry skin.  For those skin types, we recommend our lighter “drop the façade” mask for dry skin, which is made from a white kaolin clay base.  This mask is gentler on the skin and less absorbent, leaving skin feeling clean yet soft.  We added a bit of lavender essential oil to promote a feeling of calm.

Why can’t I just add water to the mask jars?

First of all, the masks are made from clay, so they will eventually harden if water is added to the entire contents and not used in a timely manner.  Second, we use finely ground oats in our masks, which have to be kept dry until used. 

Why do you use grapeseed oil in your body scrub?

Grapeseed oil has no synthetic ingredients and it is known to have a considerable amount of vitamin E and moisturizing fatty acids, both of which are beneficial to skin.  Many also believe that it has a less greasy feel than other oils.  Therefore, we use it in our “work that body” scrub.  Go ahead and use it.  Exfoliate and moisturize at the same time.  Work it. 

What is unique about your lip balm?

Most lip balms contain petroleum products or beeswax.  Our “you’re the balm” is made from plant wax; specifically, we use candelilla wax, which comes from a small shrub.  By definition, vegans do not use animal products, and beeswax and honey are animal products.  Therefore, we do not use either in our products (so, as the saying goes, our competitors can mind their own beeswax).  If you find that your lip balm has hardened for any reason, just warm it in your hands to soften it up or put it in a warm place (not too warm – you don’t want to melt it!).  We also use coconut oil in our lip balm, which many claim to be not only a wonderful moisturizer, but a natural protectant for the lips.

Aren’t all diffusers the same?

Some of our competitors’ diffusers contain different oil bases or even contain alcohol, which can be dangerous if a small child tries to ingest it.  In our “this makes scents” diffusers, we use a pure safflower oil base and create combinations of essential oils that promote or stimulate various feelings.  For instance, some people affirm that the essential oils used in our refreshing blend can make nasal passages feel more open, which can be helpful to those who suffer from airborne pollen allergies. 

Can I run the stationery through a printer?

We do not advise running the delicate, handmade stationery through the printer, as this may cause tearing or damage to the seeds.  Besides, handwritten notes add a personal touch.

If the stationery is planted, will it really sprout?

There is approximately a 70% germination rate for our stationery.  We cannot guarantee that they will sprout, but it is likely that, with soil, water and sunlight, wildflowers and/or herbs will grow.  Isn’t that the ultimate in recycling?

I did not close the jar tightly and the top layer of my “give me some sugar” scrub or my “work that body” scrub seems to have hardened a little.  Can I still use it?

Because we don’t use artificial preservatives, when not closed tightly, the top layer of our scrubs may sometimes crystallize.  However since they are made with a natural sugar base (sugar is a natural preservative), all you have to do is mix it with a spoon and your scrub will be ready to be used again.  If you forgot to close your jar for an extended period of time, you can always add just a few drops of distilled water or food-quality oil to the jar and mix the contents.

What are the benefits of your bath salts?

Our “take it with a grain of bath salt” calm blend is made with coarse sea salt and Epsom salt, which promote relaxation and are thought to detoxify skin. We added a touch of lavender essential oil, which many believe to have a calming effect. Our “take it with a grain of bath salt” revive blend is made with Himalayan salts. The large grain takes longer to dissolve, so you can continue to enjoy the benefits throughout your bath. Furthermore, this type of salt contains different minerals than sea salt, so it provides an alternate means to soothe your body. Himalayan salt is also thought to detoxify the skin as well as promote clearer sinuses. We added eucalyptus essential oil to this blend to further add to the feeling of being revitalized. 

what is the best way to store my "stop and smell the rose water" freshener?

It is best to keep your "stop and smell the rose water" freshener in a dark, cool place to maintain its potency.  Please note that some people have sensitivity to pure rose water, so always test a patch of skin prior to use.

what is special about your soy candles?

Our soy candles are hand-poured and scented with plant-based fragrances.  We do NOT use any synthetic fragrances.  Our candles also have a long burn time of approximately 25 hours.

is dr. ebner a vegan?

She has friends and family members who are vegan, but no, she is not.  However, she respects vegans for their commitment and wanted to make her high-quality products accessible to them.  She also loves animals.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Please see our Online Returns Policy.

What if I want to make a wholesale purchase?

We would love to have our products in your store!  Please see our Contact page for this information.